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Thrusted Partner for Your Space Mission

We at Aliena design, develop and manufacture cost competitive, low power plasma-thruster systems for the small satellite markets.



A group of highly skilled and trained experts from various fields including Plasma Physics, Space Propulsion Systems, Engineering and Business have embarked on a journey to explore new frontiers that aims to establish Singapore's place in the niche space industry. This will be done through realizing miniaturized propulsion systems, solutions for satellite design, and end-to-end remote sensing services for data acquisition and analytics through a network of satellites in orbit.

ALIENA was born as a trustful provider of electric propulsion solutions for nowadays small satellites markets. The lack of propulsion systems shorten the lifetime and limits the mission capabilities of small satellites. Moreover, the slow and arduous development of cathode (electron emitter) technology for small power plasma thrusters still hinders the employment of effective propulsion units onboard such satellites. 

ALIENA comes with real, fully integrated solutions to overcome those problems. Our low power plasma thrusters are the ideal propulsion systems for your small satellite missions! Our cathode technology allows our devices to run sustainably at very low power levels.



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